Compensation Plan

What if you could earn lots of commissions and help your team earn lots of commissions while you travel from tier to tier in a simple 3 by 5 matrix?  And, at the same time help a variety of charitable organizations receive funding to help their cause.

People Helping People Worldwide has designed a Progressive Step Up Compensation Plan that not only provides a very lucrative way to earn a substantial income from the comfort of your own home, but also help people around the world through our donations platform.

It’s A Win-Win For Everyone!

You earn Instant Commissions every time an affiliate buys the next product in the series, relevant to how many levels above them you are positioned. Only one commission is paid for each affiliate sale.

To maximize the income from an affiliates organization we’ve designed our pay plan to leverage the income using a 3 by 5 forced matrix. Commissions are generated every time someone purchases a product. This can add up to a VERY significant amount as increasing numbers of people purchase products of increasing value.

The most powerful aspect of this business is that you can receive relevant commissions WHETHER OR NOT the member buying the product was introduced by you or was added into your downline structure from members above or below you, HELPING your downline grow!!

People Helping People Worldwide commissions close every Friday at Midnight PST and are paid to you the following Friday.

As you progress through the matrix, People Helping People Worldwide will also make a donation to a charity of your choice.  You will have the opportunity to tell us exactly where you would like your donations to go to.  Whether you choose an approved charity or you write in a charity near and dear to your heart, People Helping People Worldwide will send a check to them on your behalf.


Disclaimer: Income potential show in the above charts is the theoretical income potential by building a team to fill the matrix. Your income results from building a team will depend on your skills and experience. Make sure you fully understand the Progressive Step Up pay plan. A downline team member joining on your Tier 3 with a Level 1 Product Package will not earn you a commission but can earn you a commission when they purchase their Level 3 Product. Only pay attention to compensation plan videos presented on this website as there are many you-tube videos with mistakes.

We Are NOT Done Yet!

As a member of People Helping People Worldwide, you have the ability to earn additional commissions by taking advantage of our Fundraising Division and our Benefit Packages.